Ducky and her five littermates were born behind a local car dealership to a feral mom living in a cat colony. After discovering the colony, staff and volunteers worked to humanely trap as many adult cats and kittens as they could to get the cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Ducky and her siblings were five weeks old when they were trapped and were young enough to be socialized to enjoy the company of humans and live indoors.

Ducky’s litter were vaccinated, given flea/tick treatment and were placed in a foster home until they were big enough to be adopted by loving families. At first Ducky was nervous around her foster mom and hissed when she entered the bathroom where the kittens were being kept. Patience, snuggles and lots of wet food quickly won Ducky over and she decided people weren’t as scary as she originally thought.

Ducky is now a loving and snuggly eight week old kitten who can’t wait to start her happily ever after with a human family. You can help create more happy endings for pets like Ducky by supporting the foster program at Blue Mountain Humane Society. Your weekly gift of $5 will help purchase pet food and supplies for foster families who are providing temporary housing for shelter pets.