When a Pet is Lost

As a reminder, if you lose your pet, please report it immediately to the following local authorities. Even if you are not a pet owner, you may find the following contact numbers helpful if you find an animal or experience animal problems in your neighborhood.

  • In the City or County of Walla Walla, please call Dispatch at (509) 527-1960
  • In College Place, please call the Police Department at (509) 525-7773
  • In Burbank, please call (509) 524-5400
  • In Milton-Freewater, please call the Police Department at (541) 938-5511

After calling animal control, please call the Blue Mountain Humane Society.

  • Blue Mountain Humane Society (BMHS) (509) 525-2452
  • Please fill out a lost pet report, and attach a photo of your missing animal if you would like us to place your animal on our lost animals page.

Please note: Your pet may be here at the shelter. Visit the Impounded Animals page to view animals that are here at the shelter but NOT up for adoption.

The pets that are featured on our “lost” page are pets that have been reported missing within the last 3 months.

I Found One of These Pets

If you found one of these pets or have seen one of these pets featured below please contact BMHS so we can help reunite them with their owner, (509) 525-2452 or adoptions@bluemountainhumane.org.

Lost Dogs

Lost Cats

Lost Small & Furries